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Tbilisi Photo Festival Residency Program 201720.03.2017 / 15:54

For its 8th edition that will be held in Tbilisi in September 2017, Tbilisi Photo Festival announces an open call for the 2nd Residency Program.

Tbilisi Photo Festival is offering residency opportunity for photographers and photography curators.

Deadline for residency applications: May 8th 2017

Dates and duration of the residency:The established or emerging photographer or photographer curator will work over an agreed period from 2 to 5 weeks between May 20 to December 30, 2017, spending a minimum of 15 consecutive days working in Georgia.

Description: Tbilisi Photo Festival is looking for interesting and creatively ambitious proposals from photographers and photography curators from the European Region and Iran.  

Applicants will be evaluated on criteria including the artistic or professional excellence of the applicant’s work and quality of their proposal and the extent to which the residency will contribute to the artist’s development and be consistent with the applicant’s creative goals and professional development.

One photographer or photography curator selected for Tbilisi Photo Festival Residency Program will receive a €1,000 bursary. Tbilisi Photo Festival will cover the coast of travel to Tbilisi (around € 400) and accommodation during the residency, with additional support towards production costs for presentation of final work.  

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants should fill in the Residency Application and send it by email to the address listed on the form, together with the visual supporting material and reference as requested. (Скачать форму заявки)

Please e-mail your application form to residency@tbilisiphotofestival.com

Due to the big number of applications, only selected applicant will be notified.


Tbilisi Photo Festival is an International Annual Photography Festival that was created in 2010. The 8th edition of the Festival will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia in September 2017. The grand opening week dates are September 14 – 19.

The festival aims:

• To make itself a central meeting point of photography from different worlds – Asia, Iran, Turkey, Europe, Russia and the Arab world;

• To showcase the best of the world photography and to promote the emerging regional photography.

Since 2010 Tbilisi Photo Festival has become one of the major international cultural events in South Caucasus and every year brings to the Georgian capital the best of the world photography, internationally renowned photographers, experts of photography, curators, photo editors of international magazines and newspapers, representatives of European photo institutions and photography Festivals, as well as the emerging local and regional photographers.


Tbilisi Photo Festival Residency Program has been established in 2015. The first artist in residence hosted by the program was French Photographer Antoine d’Agata. As a result of TPF Residency Program, Frontline by d’Agata - the book that gathers images from Georgia - was published by TPF Publishing in September 2016 in partnership with Rooms Hotel and Institut Français de Géorgie. The book was launched in Tbilisi, in the frame of Tbilisi Photo Festival 2016 followed by the talk with Antoine d’Agata.

TPF Residency program aims to provide an opportunity for national, regional and international professionals of photography to realize in Georgia new projects that can connect photography tradition and new conception projects, presenting innovative contemporary undertakings and Identity researches as well as traditional humanistic photography projects. With our residency program we hope to interact closely with internationally renowned photographers and with especially talented, emerging artists and encourage them to realise their ideas and projects in Georgia.


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